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South African College Private School strives to develop the rich potential of every one of its diverse multicultural complement of learners by instilling the moral, social and academic skills and knowledge required for a life of service, leadership and personal fulfilment. The spirit of inclusivity ensures that a wide spectrum of learners from Grade R to Grade 12 is catered for holistically in the school’s efforts to inculcate excellence in academic achievement, independence of thought, respect for all, responsibility and creativity which characteristics should epitomise the useful and valuable citizens the school wishes to produce. SACPS regards itself as a gateway for learners in becoming competitive, valuable and dynamic citizens globally.


  • Providing academic excellence by delivering a quality curriculum at an affordable price
  • Creating a dynamic and innovative environment for educators and learners
  • Focusing on stimulating every individual towards academic achievement and personal fulfilment and ultimately becoming confident contributors to society
  • Providing quality teaching delivered by well qualified and motivated educators
  • Promotion of the ability to read, write, reason and speak well
  • Promotion of an appreciation for the Christian foundation of the school while appreciating and respecting religious diversity
  • Inculcating in the learners a willingness to contribute to the development of the role of South Africa on the African continent
  • A holistic approach strives to achieve a healthy match up of academic, sporting and cultural endeavour

  • The responsibility of the school in meeting its Social Responsibility Commitments is embedded in the valuable service the Saturday School classes the school provides to the entire Tshwane community
  • Providing a pastoral and extra-curricular support base to its learners in order to develop interpersonal skills and to promote a holistic educational experience
  • By liaising closely with the work environment, the school seeks to provide an educational offering that is able to ably meet the demands of the modern workplace – the ultimate aim is at all times to identify workplace niches and real world opportunities for our children to prepare for
  • The school is committed to providing a quick drop off and pick up area for its parents, so they can safely leave their children in the hands of the school for a full working day – in order to achieve this the school offers an AFTERCARE FACILITY for all its learners in the afternoons at a nominal fee

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