SACPS Academic Programme brining Education to Life


SACPS is blessed with an extremely well qualified, dedicated academic staff representative of many cultures and creeds. This multicultural staffing complement ensures that the School can cope adequately with local learners and those from abroad.


The proximity of the school to the Embassies and the Union Buildings as well as the Tshwane CBD, makes us a school of choice for the children of ambassadors, parliamentary staff and city based employees of Tshwane. This adds a very important blend of diversity to the school.


The School follows the South African National Curriculum, about which you can read about later in this overview. You will also be provided with links to the specific National Policy Statements in order for you to update yourself on the programmes offered.

SA College Private School reserves the right to take these frameworks and adapt them to the needs of its learners. It is imperative for a school of the stature of SACPS that the curriculum should be applied with great foresight and care so as to ensure that the learners that emerge from the school at the end of the schooling careers can be capable of competing, delivering and leading at tertiary level and in the workplace.

SA College Private School introduced their state of the art Robotics lab in mid 2021, which has now become part of our curriculum. We expect great things for and from our Learners as we prepare them with the necessary skills and knowledge for the 4th Industrial Revolution.


The staff of SACPS is totally committed to providing every learner with support relevant to the needs of the learner, and the School is also cognisant of the fact that the inclusivity of the educational programme does present many challenges with learners having specific barriers to learning. As a result the School has geared its academic efforts towards identifying the specific needs of learners early and then referring them to specialists in these fields.

  1. Afternoon Classes for Learners: At no extra charge – these classes need to be arranged well in advance to ensure that a teacher’s time can be best utilised in the school and that there is no clash with other programmes offered at the school – usually these classes will be arranged between the teacher and the learners and will not be individual tuition.
  2. Remedial Afternoon Classes: Once a week a specialist teacher in Afrikaans, Mathematics and English is available for consultations for any grade in the school.
  3. Afternoon Extra Classes for Matrics: Matric Learners are expected to attend additional classes in every subject every afternoon apart from on a Wednesday. This is set out clearly in a special roster.
  4. Saturday Classes for Matrics: Mathematics and Physical Science classes are offered to matrics every Saturday morning. In addition there is a fully operational Saturday school open to any learners.
  5. Holiday Classes for matrics: The first week of every holiday is set aside for Matric Subject teaching and a roster is set up to facilitate the smooth functioning of this special service.
  6. Grade 11 learners: are expected to fit in to the Grade 12 extra classes at the end of the 4th term once the Grade 12 learners are no longer part of the regular timetable – this is to ensure that an early start can be made to the extensive and demanding CAPS syllabus in preparation for the following year.
  7. Mathematics and Mathematical Literacy: Learners are expected to achieve at least an average of 50% for mathematics in Grade 9 to be admitted to the Grade 10 class for Mathematics. It is to be noted that a learner offering mathematical literacy has access to university many courses. However with effect from 2019, Mathematics will be a requirement to offer Accounting or Physical Science at matric level. In addition, a child will have to pass mathematics in Grade 9 to be a candidate for application of Grade 10 Mathematics.
  8. Saturday School: is a programme that is run by the Registrar of the SACPS and is unique in that it provides academic assistance not only to the learners of SACPS but also to any learner in the vicinity of Tshwane.

Classes at Primary and Senior School level are conducted by trained SACPS staff and other teachers from local Pretoria schools.

These classes run THROUGHOUT EVERY HOLIDAY and OVER EVERY LONG WEEKEND for the WHOLE YEAR! There is a nominal charge for these classes which run from 08:30 to 13:00 every Saturday.


Please read this document which is available online at the Department of Education website as it provides a good overview of the objectives of the National Curriculum.


The staff of SACPS is a very committed and dedicated team of professionals who:

  • Show Commitment to and Care for every child they teach
  • Show Commitment to excellence in the classroom and beyond
  • Subscribe to the principles as contained in the SA College motto statement PRIDE
  • Subscribe to the Code of Practice of SACE
  • Seek to further their subject and educational knowledge and the development of their delivery skills in the classroom
  • Regard the parents of the school as collaborators rather than as adversaries in the education of their children
  • Regard every child admitted to the school as their very own to care for!
  • Enjoy teaching! And love each and every child!


The School follows the National Curriculum from Grades R to 12. Please refer to the links provided in the documents above.

However from Grade 10 onwards the School provides 3 specialised options allowing learners to follow one of the 3 pure courses:

  • Career geared towards Mathematics and Science
  • Career geared towards Commerce containing Mathematics / Mathematics Literacy and Commercial subjects such as Accounting, Business Studies and Economics
  • Career geared towards Travel and Tourism which could contain subjects such as Travel and Tourism / Mathematics / Mathematics Literacy / Accounting / Business Studies / CAT / Economics

The subject choices are contained in the subject choice forms obtainable from the front office of the School.


Promotion requirements for each grade are contained in the National Curriculum Statement.

However, the internal standards of the SACPS are set at a higher level as it is the prerogative of the School to insist on EXEMPLARY STANDARDS OF ACHIEVEMENT.

It is therefore to be noted that 40% is seen as a minimum standard for all subject grades up to Grade 9 and that from Grades 10 to 12, the minimum obtainable standard required is 50% FOR ALL INTERNAL EXAMINATIONS AT SACPS!



Grades 10 – 12 

Must achieve:

  • 3 subjects at 40% (one of which must be English Home Language and 2 other subjects)
  • Only one subject may be below 30%, therefore a further 3 subjects are required at 30% for progression

To obtain a Bachelors qualification pass in Grade 12, an aggregate of 300 marks is required, 50% is required in English Home Language and 40% for Afrikaans.

To obtain a Diploma qualification pass in Grade 12, an aggregate of 260 marks is required. Maths is not a prerequisite as long as Maths Lit is offered (which needs not to be passed). CAT and Tourism may be offered in combination.

To obtain a Certificate pass in Grade 12, an aggregate of 240 marks is required. Foreign learners, to pass need only 30% for English Home Language and may offer an alternative subject in the place of their own language, i.e. do not need a 1st additional language. Foreign learners must achieve 3 subjects at 40% of which English does not need to be one.

Grades 7 – 9

For progression, a learner must achieve:

  • 50% for English Home Language
  • 40% for Mathematics
  • 40% for Afrikaans
  • 3 other subjects at 40%
Grades 4 – 6

For progression a learner must achieve:

  • 50% for English
  • 40% for Mathematics
  • 40% for Afrikaans
  • 2 other subjects at 40%