Learners are admitted on the basis of a satisfactory scholastic performance and and demonstration that the child is a good fit with SA College.

The main requirements for entry are:

  1. Evidence that the learner will be capable of following the demanding academic programme of the School.
  2. Evidence that the learner will benefit from the sporting and cultural opportunities provided by the School.
  3. Evidence that their presence will enrich the atmosphere at the School. Parents/Guardians wishing to enrol their son or daughter should obtain an application form by writing to or collecting application forms:

The Admissions Secretary

Hospital Street 
Between Johannes Ramokhoase and Edmond Streets
P.O. Box 56789
Arcadia 0007 


+27 12 326 4580

E-mail address:
OR fill in an online application formClick here

All teaching is carried out in English and applicants are expected to be fluent in spoken and written English. However, students who show high academic potential but who lack fluency may also apply and, if admitted, they will receive additional tuition in English from English language specialists on the staff.


SACPS exists to serve the educational needs of both the local and the international community.

Admission shall not be denied because of nationality, race or creed. Admission is granted after an assessment by the administration of the potential of the applicant to benefit from the educational programme and the capability of the School to meet the educational needs of the applicant. No places in the School are reservable in advance, except in the case of companies holding fully paid permanently reserved positions.

Should it not be possible for the School to accommodate qualified applicants, learners enrolled as of the end of the previous term shall automatically be included in the re-enrolment process. New applications shall then be considered for admission on the basis of the date of payment for registration accompanied by the registration form. If a waiting list for any grade is necessary, qualified applicants will be admitted on a first come first served basis as a space becomes available.

Acceptance and/or placement in a grade is subject to the assessment of the administration and is the prerogative of the School. The decisions of administration in such matters shall be final.

Students attending the School are charged fees, which cover tuition, development and other fees. The fees structure is kept as affordable as possible at all times. Please contact the school for the latest fees structures. The School is a non-profit making organisation administered and owned by a Governing Body and Board of Trustees.


Learners are admitted to the School once the application process has been completed, payment made and space is available, if necessary, a satisfactory performance in entrance tests administered by the School.

The main requirements for entry are:

  1. Evidence that the learners will be capable of following the demanding academic programme of the School.
  2. Evidence that the learners will benefit from the sporting and cultural opportunities provided by the School.
  3. Evidence that their presence will enrich the atmosphere at the School.

Admission Fees

Admission and Fees are paid strictly in advance. For a learner to register for the next year the enrolment fee must be paid and all required documents submitted.

Please contact the school for the latest fees structure. Fees are available in monthly instalments (12 instalments), termly (3 instalments) or annually (1 instalment). The school charges a book fee. For this fee all the child’s stationary is supplied in the form of a stationary starter pack, the book rental for all textbooks for the year and all photo copy an paper costs are covered.